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“A great writer that I have the pleasure of working with. He is conscientious and is someone who you can trust without a doubt in doing the job you have given him” - Simon Forrester

"I have been a screenwriter for three years. I have only known Colin MacGregor for 8 months during which time Colin has guided me to success, not financial success but creative success. With Colin’s influence I have had my first short film shot ‘THE PRECIOUS MINUTE’ which Colin directed. At this moment we are rehearsing my next film to be shot which will also be directed by Colin. The title: ‘THE FINGER’ Colin has organised a crew including actors for this film. He is so well respected by filmmakers and actors in Scotland. I wish to work with Colin for many years to come,"George McDougall 

"As a beginner, Colin helped me to understand the craft of writing. He will help you develop your short and feature length scripts. He's honest and friendly but pulls no punches, as I have found out. However,  this has made me a better writer!! He's well worth the money and cheaper than other competition. Would highly recommended him to anyone, who's starting out in screenwriting. GREAT VALUE."  - Eddie Millar

Greg Andrew

Producer at Hingway Films.




I have to date worked with Colin on two projects. I first worked with Colin when he performed production assistant duties on my short film "Table Talk", he stepped in to the breach to help out and his help behind the scenes during filming was invaluable to me as a director. On my next film "The Consultant" Colin was brought on board as Casting Director which he also performed in.

Nick ParrClick

Commercial Director at Festival and King's Theatres Edinburgh


Colin produced, wrote and directed The Wise Guys at Motherwell Theatre twice - to excellent audiences. On the back of this, I asked Colin to create a Christmas show for Motherwell Concert Hall and Mistletoe and the Devines was the result. It ran for two years and was a hit. Colin is a joy to work with - funny, creative and passionate. No hesitation in recommending him.

Fiona Queen

PA at The Scottish Government


Colin has created 2 fabulously funny musical theatre productions; namely Mistletoe & the Devines and The Wise Guys. I have seen both these shows and can honestly say that they were the funniest shows I had seen in a long long time. Colin is a naturally funny guy with a creative mind which is going from strength to strength. Its good to see new Scottish talent coming to the fore and I truly think he is destined for bigger things.less

Sandra Walls

Reporter at Hamilton Advertiser


I interviewed Colin for a piece that I was writing for the Hamilton Advertiser. He was a local Bellshill man, who had been comissioned to produce a theatre production The Wise Guys at the Motherwell Civic Theatre, and had moved on to writing, directing and producing a Christmas pantomime Mistletoe and the Divines. I was invited along to the show at Motherwell Civic, which was packed to capacity, and enjoyed the whole production.Although I am not a theatre critic, I would happily recommend Colin for any commission work involving writing, directing and producing shows for musical theatre, local theatre group work and related workshops.Sandra Walls - Senior Reporter for the Hamilton Advertiser

David Manderson

Writer (Tutor) at University of The West of Scotland


Colin was a real pleasure to work with. He always gave everything he had to every project, and had a unique ability to be fascinated with everything he learned. He has a constantly enquiring mind and loves to learn. He also works as hard as anyone I've ever met. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

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